Be The Change

Don’t Follow the Crowd

In many conferences all the sessions seem so equal. All the same level, all the same style. One great to […]

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condenser microphone with black background

Guest Post: How to create a podcast, the adventures of two newbies

This post was written by my friends Massimo Bonanni and Roberto Albano. We started producing podcasts with the idea of […]

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Virtual sessions: keep the energy high!

I always spend a lot of energy when doing sessions and workshops, and I keep moving, I use my voice […]

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Search for your own niche. Why should people remember you?

When I started attending conferences, community events, and so on, I always wanted to be one of the speakers. I’m […]

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Woman Dancing In Front Of A Videocamera

Virtual Sessions and Personal Branding

This post is a cross-over of two categories in this blog: Virtual sessions Personal Branding Delivering virtual sessions is incredibly […]

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[Italian] Il workshop sul Public Speaking di settimana prossima diventa virtuale!

Abbiamo deciso di trasformare il workshop di settimana prossima (14 aprile) in un evento virtuale, dalle 10 alle 18 circa. […]

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