Be The Change

Don’t Follow the Crowd

In many conferences all the sessions seem so equal. All the same level, all the same style. One great to […]

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Making your virtual classes more interactive with a simple trick

In these days, I attended a series of virtual courses (that were first planned on-site, and moved online due to […]

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Accessible Public Speaking slides

Here are the slides of last week’s presentation. The video (in Italian) will be available soon. Some tips & tricks: […]

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[Italian] Accessible Public Speaking, giovedì 30/4 alle 18.30

Volete rendere le vostre presentazioni (virtuali o dal vivo) più accessibili? Sapete cosa fare prima, durante e dopo una presentazione? […]

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Virtual sessions: Smile!

Smiling is essential when you’re on stage, but it’s much more critical if you’re doing a virtual session with the […]

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Pen writing on paper

Do you want to speak better? Start with writing!

When I was beginning my career as a speaker, I went to my mentor, asking how to improve my speaking […]

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