Do you want one tip to improve your executive presence? Even better if the tip works both for an in-person or a virtual session, what do you think?

Keep your spine straight, chin up, and your shoulders back.

If you’re seated, don’t lean on the back of the chair.

If you’re standing, put your feet with your toes leading forward, keep your knees soft, and your spine straight.

In both cases, you can imagine having an invisible string on the top of your head that you can pull and become a little bit taller.

Take some time to try this posture and think about the way you feel while keeping it. I usually feel more powerful, but someone feels intimidating, especially if the pose is too much accentuated. Try to work on it until you feel comfortable. Then you can start working on other aspects of your executive presence, like eye contact.

-Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash