There are a lot of virtual sessions these days, and this will probably change the way we’ll do business and training in the next years.

One annoying thing is when presenters don’t project the slides but move between them in the Designer view of their tool.

It’s annoying, especially if there are animations (that are lost). Still, there’s also a problem with screen estate that is reduced, with accessibility problems for people that have low bandwidth or a small monitor.

So, please, always “project” the slides full screen.

One reason to show the slides in the Designer view is that the presenter probably has only one monitor, and wants to control what’s happening in the meeting.

Probably he/she also wants to browse through the slides and so on; this is one of the reasons I’ve suggested using a multi-monitor setup when delivering virtual sessions.

P.s. This post is NOT titled “Virtual session: something” because I also see this problem with in-person presentations, but there it’s easy to step in and ask for a full “projection”.