Some days ago, we talked about the Agenda slide that people continue to use in short presentations, and then I received an interesting question.

Since repetition is one of the techniques used to memorize stuff, and repetition is also a useful public speaking technique, should we:

  • use the Agenda slide to introduce things
  • speak about them
  • close with a wrap-up

In this way, we repeat the same concepts at least three times.

In my opinion, repetition is an essential technique, but using the Agenda slide (and the final wrap-up slide) is a wrong way to use repetition in short sessions.

Agenda and wrap-up can be useful for long events (one day or more), but for sessions shorter than 90 minutes, you should adapt the way you repeat information in a way that it’s not dull, and that sticks.

So, instead of talking on the agenda slide, think about a story that gives value, think about the way you deliver your story, think about how you can repeat stuff in different ways inside the story, etc.

You don’t have to repeat for the sake of repeating, you should repeat with a purpose.

So, repeat with me, no Agenda slide for short presentations:

Bart Simpson Chalkboard with "no Agenda slide..."

– Cover Photo by Katie Montgomery on Unsplash
– Bart Simpson picture by Bart Simpson Chalkboard Generator