When delivering a virtual session, an online meeting, or a course longer than one hour, remember to define timings at the beginning.

I’m not a fan of an agenda slide, especially for short sessions, BUT when you’re online, it’s essential to at least talk about the time that you plan to use, when there will be breaks, when the session finishes.

Planning breaks is essential, especially if part or most of the people attending the session or the meeting are working from home, like during this pandemic. Set up a timer for the break, so you’ll not miss it.

Always plan to have at least five or ten minutes at the end of the session or the meeting to do the recap. Check notes with the attendees, plan follow-ups, understand if other sessions or meetings are needed, and so on.

If you’re new at delivering online sessions or driving online meetings, write these tips on a piece of paper and keep them near your PC or on your desk, and be sure to check it during the session. It’s easy to forget these basic tips, but the difference they can make is incredible

Photo by Estée Janssens oUnsplash