Be The Change

Don’t Follow the Crowd

In many conferences all the sessions seem so equal. All the same level, all the same style. One great to […]

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Public Speaking is the Real Competitive Advantage…

You cannot thrive in the workplace, at school, in a group of people if you cannot express your ideas effectively. […]

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[Italian] Workshop di Remote Public Speaking per geek

Dedicato a developer e in generale a chi ha contenuti tecnici da presentare, che siano talk ad eventi o interventi in video-call di […]

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My new Personal Homepage is Online

I was busy in the last few days because I spent all my spare time creating my new Personal Homepage: […]

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condenser microphone with black background

Are you still using SlideShare? Do you have better alternatives?

Now that SlideShare is not part of LinkedIn anymore, I wondered if it’s still a good place to host my […]

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Stop “Untitling” Women!

President Biden and Kamala… How many times have you heard statements like these, where women, people of color, or people […]

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