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[Italian] Sessione sul parlare in pubblico in maniera efficace martedì 11 maggio

Martedì 11 maggio all’interno della Digital Skilling Week di Microsoft Italia farò una sessione sul parlare in pubblico in maniera […]

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Always check how do you appear on camera BEFORE the session…

In the last post, I stressed the importance of having your camera on; in this post, I want to give […]

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On Air Sign

How to deliver outstanding virtual sessions!

In the last months, most, or all, conferences have gone virtual. I’ve delivered many virtual sessions with mixed results. I […]

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One year later

2020… what a strange year… January was good, including the session about Public Speaking I did at the Microsoft Ignite […]

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Are you using a physical white-board during your calls/virtual sessions?

Writing is one of the best ways of communicating. Writing something is better than showing a slide. In physical classrooms, […]

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Forget Mehrabian, 100% consistency in the three components of communication is the key!

Don’t you still believe that words only account for 7% to reach effective communication, do you? We already discussed that […]

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