Yesterday I posted “You have to present some Corporate slides… now what?” where I discussed how to have better results when you cannot create your materials.

In a comment on LinkedIn, Vito emphasized the underlying storytelling of every presentation, so I decided to create this post as a follow-up.

As I said in another post, Storytelling is inevitable. Still, it would be best if you craft your stories, and your stories should be aligned to the corporate stories, and your branding should be aligned to the corporate branding.

I’m not saying that your stories and your brand should be the same of the corporate ones, but they cannot conflict, because people will immediately notice it.

Do you know the corporate stories underlying the presentation? Can you tell a story that’s aligned to that but that you feel “yours”?

If you don’t know the corporate stories, find a mentor, a coach, find who created the slides, find an experienced colleague, and then make a dry-run when you have finished your story.

If your story works, share it with your colleagues, they will thank you!

Do you want to know more? Brand Storytelling Book is a great resource!