Most speakers don’t care about “strict time management” during events or virtual events.

As a seasoned speaker and sometimes event organizer, I can’t stand people who constantly go over time.

Doing a dry-run helps staying in the allotted speaking time, especially for short sessions.

Respecting the allotted time is important for the organizers, the other speakers, and the attendees.

Becoming a GREAT speaker requires dedication, time, and perseverance. Becoming a RELIABLE speaker is part of the journey but can be reached sooner, and organizers will know that they can count on you!

You can be the most brilliant speaker on the planet, but, if you don’t respect your speaking time organizers will start to avoid your submissions, or they’ll put at the end of the day, or before a break, that isn’t the best slot available 😉.

EDIT: Being on time is important also when you have problems, like in my session this morning, when I was on mute for some minutes and couldn’t be reached to be alerted. Pietro took ownership of the sharing, so I could notice that there was a problem. Being on time (thanks to the previous speakers) and having the break after my session, I delivered my part without impacting the global schedule. In another post, I’ll discuss what went wrong.