Be The Change

Don’t Follow the Crowd

In many conferences all the sessions seem so equal. All the same level, all the same style. One great to […]

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[Italian] Sessione sul parlare in pubblico in maniera efficace martedì 11 maggio

Martedì 11 maggio all’interno della Digital Skilling Week di Microsoft Italia farò una sessione sul parlare in pubblico in maniera […]

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Save as Picture in PowerPoint

A little trick that few people know. Suppose that you have a slide in PowerPoint and you want to save […]

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April Fools Day Offer: Free Public Speaking Coaching

No, it’s not a joke! I’m offering FREE Public Speaking coaching to celebrate the release of my new book “Beyond […]

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My new book “Beyond Public Speaking for Geeks Succinctly” is finally available!!!

My new book about Public Speaking is available, some years after the first one. The new book provides an overview […]

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Personal Branding and Non-Negotiable Values

It takes time to build a reputation and a personal brand. Everything you do, you post online, every comment, every […]

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