Here are the slides of last week’s presentation. The video (in Italian) will be available soon.

Some tips & tricks:

  • If you want to publish effective presentations on SlideShare, follow the tips in this post.
  • If you want to easily create the LinkedIn QR code to help people connect with you after the event, see this post. To see why it’s important, click here. By the way, after this session, I received more than 10 connection requests on LinkedIn. Considering that I knew a lot of people in the audience, it was a great result.
  • If you want the slides of the bonus session about public speaking when working from home, see this post.
  • More documentation on the Accessibility Checker can be found here.
  • Presentation Translator can be found here. Remember to install Visual Studio Tools for Office (from the prerequisites) before installing the PowerPoint add-in, otherwise, you’ll receive strange error messages.