Some days ago, I wrote about creating a QR Code to help people connect with you on LinkedIn.

After that post, I did two sessions, one at a new conference in Rome with an audience that was pretty new to me, the other in Pordenone in a location and with two communities where I’ve already spoken various times in the previous years.

The results are clear:

  • In the first session, on more than 150 people, I received a connection request from more than 40 people in the next two days, more than 20 just after the session end.
  • In the second session, where the audience in part already knew me, I received almost ten requests.

I’m happy that the strategy worked and that people can easily connect with me.

Since I’m pushing more and more content on LinkedIn, I’m monitoring LinkedIn messages more closely than in the past. It’s crucial to be present after the connection, and it’s critical to post relevant content for your contacts.