Slides from Azure Day Turin 2023 are now available.

If you’re interested in developing software working remotely, this session is for you:

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Forget Mehrabian, 100% consistency in the three components of communication is the key!

Don’t you still believe that words only account for 7% to reach effective communication, do you? We already discussed that […]

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Voice Branding

Few minutes after publishing the post on Albert Mehrabian studies and the often misinterpreted 7%-38%-53% rule, I received a newsletter […]

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Jargon and Insecurity

During my sessions, I tend to use plain language instead of a lot of jargon. Of course, you should use […]

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Most of the public speaking books, sessions, and coaches often refer to Albert Mehrabian studies, and in particular, to the […]

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A short overview of the upcoming “Beyond Public Speaking for Geeks Succinctly” book

Please forgive my bad English… here is an introduction to my upcoming book from Syncfusion called Beyond Public Speaking for […]

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