No, I won’t hang my boots soon

Many experienced speakers have declared that they are done with speaking at conferences, meetups or events. I really miss some […]

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condenser microphone with black background

Are you still using SlideShare? Do you have better alternatives?

Now that SlideShare is not part of LinkedIn anymore, I wondered if it’s still a good place to host my […]

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Stop “Untitling” Women!

President Biden and Kamala… How many times have you heard statements like these, where women, people of color, or people […]

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Personal Branding & Netiquette: Don’t waste people’s time with just a “Hello”

Many people tend to use the same approach they used in a physical office or when doing a phone call […]

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Always check how do you appear on camera BEFORE the session…

In the last post, I stressed the importance of having your camera on; in this post, I want to give […]

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On Air Sign

How to deliver outstanding virtual sessions!

In the last months, most, or all, conferences have gone virtual. I’ve delivered many virtual sessions with mixed results. I […]

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