Public Speaking Basics #2: Show, Don’t Tell!

It seems obvious, but a lot of people prefer to talk about something, instead of showing it. If you tell […]

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T-REX speaking at TEDx with a typo in the presentation title

Public Speaking Basics #1: Spell check your presentation

It doesn’t matter if your attendees are “grammar nazis” or “normal people”, if you have typos or errors in your […]

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A “working” example of Mehrabian Rule

Yesterday I was enjoying one of my favorite films from the nineties, The Last Boy Scout. No, I’m not here […]

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a lot of empty chairs

The Basics

Every time I go to a conference, even if the sessions are good, I cannot understand why speakers continue to […]

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Another day… another public speaking session talking about the Mehrabian rule.

  This morning I followed the second day of a great public speaking training from Quadrifor, hosted by a Scuola […]

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