A human ear on a gray background.

People are distracted during your presentations? “Stop talking”, start active listening.

No, I’m not “really” saying that you should stop talking to attendees or to other people in the meeting, but […]

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Are you struggling when working remotely? Try my free e-book!

I thought about this book for many years, then Covid-19 and lockdowns arrived, and I felt that it was the […]

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Not all storytelling is good…

I’ve read many books about the values, the importance, and all the benefits of good storytelling. I’m using stories in […]

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[Italian] Sessione sul parlare in pubblico in maniera efficace martedì 11 maggio

Martedì 11 maggio all’interno della Digital Skilling Week di Microsoft Italia farò una sessione sul parlare in pubblico in maniera […]

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Save as Picture in PowerPoint

A little trick that few people know. Suppose that you have a slide in PowerPoint and you want to save […]

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