Live vs. Recorded is like Day vs. Night.

You can think they’re similar in many aspects, but they’re completely different.

In recorded events, you search for maximum quality, you can stop recording, correct something and start again, and then you can work to make your video with effects, cuts, and so on. Five minutes of a recorded event could require more than an hour of hard work.

During live events, the show must go on, whatever it takes. It doesn’t matter if something goes wrong, if you miss something, if your sentences are not perfect (if you’re doing the event in a language that’s not yours), if a demo doesn’t work. You cannot stop it, like in a normal session in front of the public.

If you record a live event, to be posted online later, it should be clear to everybody. Sometimes it’s better to go into a studio and record it again, sometimes the errors and the glitches are there to show how you were able to handle the situation.

It’s like in the music industry, some bands are good in studios but great when you see them live, some other bands are perfect when they perform in the studio, but they don’t shine when you see them live.

Try the format that you prefer.

I prefer to do live events and to record them. I do my best when I know that people are looking at me, even virtually. And I can accept, when I look at the recordings later, that there are glitches and errors.

And you, which one do you prefer?

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