People who know me can tell you that I could prepare session materials very fast on most of the topics I deal with. I usually tend to collect many links, articles, presentations, that I use as a starting point for a session when it’s time to cook one.

But, also, if I know that I could do it in few hours (sometimes in few minutes for some topics), I tend to fear the moment that I’ve to prepare one and manage to postpone it to the last moment.

I do it for two reasons:
– the first one is to have the freshest content that I could deliver
– the second one is because while I’m postponing it, my mind tends to play the “find the spooky creature” game, working for me by preparing the right flow for the session.

When I finally start preparing the material, it’s straightforward to “unmask the villain”, finding that the right flow is already clear to me and that I already have most of the stuff that I need. The most crucial part is that I also know where to find the missing ones.

(The original post was published on LinkedIn in 2017)