Yesterday we talked about dry runs or session rehearsals. Dry runs are not only for sessions. Do you know the Latin proverb “Verba volant, Scripta manent“?

I know that you cannot please anybody, but, for controversial topics, it’s essential to look for other opinions before posting. Not to change your mind entirely, but to adapt the language, the tone, to extend your view, to include other voices and not only yours, to be more inclusive. Then you decide what to post or how to change your direction.

I wrote a draft post on a very controversial topic, then I sent it to various people (men and women) and received many different ideas, opinions, remarks. And, not surprisingly, I learned a lot.

So I decided that instead of writing a single controversial post, I’ll probably write a series 🤦‍♂️.

And now I can announce that this morning, I formulated the first Evil Genius law:

It doesn’t matter if it’s a session, a blog post, an email, or whatever. If you’re not sure, do a dry run!

p.s. Who decides if a topic is controversial or not? Thinking about the different feedbacks that I received, I don’t have a clear answer. But, if something seems controversial, probably, for somebody, it will be.

-Photo by Anna Demianenko on Unsplash