I was listening to the Time Management Tips course on LinkedIn Learning, from Dave Crenshaw,

One of the tips was related to ignoring incidents in time management, and process patterns, recurring events that eat your productivity.

I liked the tip and thought that the same rule could be applied to process feedbacks and questions received during or after your sessions.

If you receive a spot question or negative feedback from only one participant, and you think that’s only an isolated case, you can take a note, but you can safely ignore it.

If you receive the same feedback or question multiple times, or if you look at it and think that is something useful and that wasn’t probably well covered in the session, you can incorporate it in the material for the next delivery.

Try to look for patterns in the feedback you receive, the questions, the faces of the attendees. You should manage patterns, but you should ignore incidents, they add a lot of noise.

-Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash