Events during the weekend, mostly on Saturday but sometimes also on Sunday, are becoming more and more popular, both for technical and non-technical events.

I don’t have a strong opinion on the matter, but for me, it’s challenging to invest time during the weekend since I should grab it from the family.

Let’s see a list of Pros and Cons:

👍 You don’t need to take a day off if the event interests only you and not your employer.

👎 You grab time from your family or your interests

👍 You can go to the event with your family, without losing days at school

👎 If you sponsor an event happening on the weekend, think about the expected attendees

👍 For the event organizer, it’s easier to find rooms for the event (Universities, Companies, etc.)

👎 Sometimes locations that are usually closed in the weekend, lack additional services (Bars in Universities are closed, etc.)

👍 Traveling is easier and relatively cheaper unless you choose a peak period

👎 There could be fewer flights or trains, and sometimes public transports don’t serve Universities and other districts in the weekend

👍 Community-driven events seem more natural in the weekend

👎 Company-driven events seem more natural during weekdays

👍 Events during the weekend tend to finish early, or people (attendees and speakers) tend to leave early, because of family and other reasons. You should plan for that.

👎 You shouldn’t start a weekend event too early in the morning

And you? What do you think about events during the weekend? Do you see other Pros and Cons?