This post is a cross-over of two categories in this blog:

  • Virtual sessions
  • Personal Branding

Delivering virtual sessions is incredibly powerful for your Personal Brand, mainly if they’re recorded and published online. People can find your session, and if it’s interesting for them, they can start following you on your social channels, your blog, etc.

You can be invited to talk to online events, by “fame” or by submitting a CfP, but you can also create your sessions, live or recorded. There are many platforms to do that (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), each one with its own specificity.

Producing videos or recording live sessions can be very time consuming, but the results can be incredible. It can also become a full-time job if you’re lucky and if you continue to work hard when the results are not the one that you expect.

Try to look at the best speakers online, but at the beginning, start with just creating the content and search for feedback. If people like the format and if you feel that you’re good at it, you can invest time creating special effects, a logo, an intro, etc.

Also, if making virtual sessions doesn’t become your full-time job, it can be a powerful way to share your messages.

You can be invited to talk by other famous people or be asked to speak at conferences or community/company events.

-Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash