One of the biggest failures for a conference organizer? Having a full male speakers’ lineup.

Most conference organizers don’t care about diversity or cannot see the problem. Still, I believe that not having a diverse […]

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My new Personal Homepage is Online

I was busy in the last few days because I spent all my spare time creating my new Personal Homepage: […]

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Personal Branding & Netiquette: Don’t waste people’s time with just a “Hello”

Many people tend to use the same approach they used in a physical office or when doing a phone call […]

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condenser microphone with black background

Voice Branding

Few minutes after publishing the post on Albert Mehrabian studies and the often misinterpreted 7%-38%-53% rule, I received a newsletter […]

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On Air Sign

Practical Personal Branding for Developers slides available

Yesterday, September 30th, I did a webinar for “Road to Codemotion” about personal branding for developers. Slides are now available […]

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